Tantra Tip One: Female Pleasure

Erogenous Zone

Image by duncan via Flickr

Female Eros Women’s bodies are covered in hot spots from head to toe…Although each woman is unique, the following is a list of the most common female erogenous zones.

Her Neck: “Sexperts” often refer to the neck as one of the most erogenous zones on a woman’s body. Next time you are with your woman, try the following:

  • Begin with soft and gentle touch, as her body reacts, slowly go harder and wilder
  • Glide you hand along the back of her 
  •  kissing her softly on the lips, then slide your lips down her neck
    Use your tongue to gently caress her neck
  •  Tease her ever so slightly by running your tongue down her neck
  • While kissing and caressing her neck, bring your mouth down to her breasts and then gently work your way back up to her ear lobe
  • The nape of her neck may be equally sensitive

Run your hands gently up the back of her neck and run your fingers delicately through her hair

Her Ears: The ears are ultra-sensitive because of the bundles of nerve endings in and around the ears. The following are a number of ways you can use her ears to stimulate her passion and desire:

–Gently caress her earlobes and the nape of her neck
–Use your tongue and lips to explore the area behind her ears
–Breath gently and deeply while exploring her neck and ears
–The sound of your breath may turn her on, but be careful not to over do it

Her Mouth: Many women report that the biggest mistake men make while having sex is not enough kissing. Most women love to kiss, so don’t be stingy. The more you arouse your woman, the better the sex will be…for both of you. Try the following:

~ Try kissing her softly and passionately
~ Change things up by increasing the intensity of your kisses then slow it down
~ Kissing her cheeks, eyelids, forehead, and her neck might also do the trick
~ Remember to switch it up so you don’t get stuck in a rut

Her Hair and Scalp: It feels good when a man plays with a woman’s hair. The scalp is a very sensitive zone on a woman’s body. Start out slow and communicate with her to make sure she’s in the mood for “hairplay”. You can try one or all of the following:

~ Gently brush her hair while stroking her head softly
~ Run your finger through her hair while kissing her softly
~ You can try sensual bathing by washing her hair gently with warm water
~ A sensual scalp massage is another thing that drives some women wild

Her Breasts: While it is unlikely that you are not giving your woman’s breasts enough attention, it is possible you are not giving them the right attention. The trick with breasts is to take it slow and sensual and respond to her body language. Some effective ways to pleasure her breasts are:

~ Massage her breasts gently
~ Lift your hand away for a second, and then continue
~ Try indirect stimulation of her nipples until they are noticeably aroused (hard)
~ Wet the tip of your finger and lightly touch and roll her nipple
~ Very lightly, using your fingertips, squeeze her nipple between your fingers (some women do not like this, so be sure to check in and read her body language)
~ When they are nice and hard, lightly caress her areola (the pinkish area that directly surrounds the nipple) and her nipples with your tongue

Her Clitoris “joy button”: A woman’s clitoris is located at the top of her labia (the outer and inner skin folds of a woman’s vulva, or genitals), but below the pubic bone. The glans of the clitoris — similar to the head of a man’s penis, and even more sensitive — is the nodule you can see when a woman is not aroused.

It is located between the inner folds of the vulva (labia minora), at the top. The clitoris responds to sexual arousal by filling with blood and becoming harder and erect, similar to a man’s penis.

As a woman becomes aroused, her clitoris will actually swell and retract underneath the clitoral hood, a flap of skin that is part of her labia minora. The size and shape of the clitoris varies from woman to woman, although its location remains pretty consistent. While stimulating your lover’s clitoris, try the following:

~ Take your time and make sure your partner is extremely aroused before going in
~ Brush your lips around her yoni, allowing your lips to gently brush her pubic hair
~ Begin stimulating her clitoris with light, indirect touch
~ Gently kiss her yoni and tease her clitoris with your tongue
~ Pay careful attention to her body language and increase or decrease pressure and speed based on her reaction

G-spot: Another area for sexual massage is the magical G-spot, located roughly 1.5″ inside her vagina on the upper wall. The most ultimate orgasms come from a woman having her G Spot stimulated. This area inside the yoni typically has a different texture; ridged (not as smooth) as the rest of her yoni, and when aroused it feels spongy. Check it out!

Her Perineum: The perineum is the area between the yoni and the anus, it is very sensitive for a lot of women and it often goes unexplored. It’s made from tissue similar to the vaginal lips so there are a lot of nerve endings there.

It also has an element of intimacy that might turn her on. Some girls are scared of or disgusted by anal play and/or fingering, so if this is the case, ease her mind by reassuring her that you are not going to do anything she is against.

It’s not a part of the body that’s normally exposed, so she will feel like she’s giving you special privileges, which can be exciting. This area is like any other area you first encounter that is sensitive, stick to a light touch at first and hold off until she’s been aroused for some time. For a smoother experience, try using a little lubricant.

Her Buttocks: Ready to get to the bottom of things? A lot of women like their buttocks attended to, and with more vigor than you might think. You can use pressure on a butt that you wouldn’t use on a breast. It’s not sensitive the way a nipple or a clitoris is so you can knead them and squeeze them.

Many women are self conscious about their behinds, so spending time here will show her that you like it, and hopefully allow her to be more comfortable with herself and you.

The Small Of Her Back: Don’t make the mistake of making her breasts the only stop on your way to the main event. That’s what she’s expecting. Surprise her by asking her to lie on her stomach and sensually massage her lower back. Besides being rich in nerve endings, the small of the back has pressure points where stress can accumulate.

A massage there might not turn her on in the same way that sucking on her nipple or rubbing her clitoris will, but it’ll feel good and help release stress. What’s more, it could even help with arousal, by increasing blood flow and engorgement in the pelvic area.

Start by applying steady but moderate pressure with your fingertips and if she likes it, work up to a deeper massage. It never hurts to throw in a few kisses there as well. One technique which usually works well with a massage is; while you are massaging her, take a minute or so to kiss her neck, then run your tongue very softly down her spine. After this you can continue with the massage or follow her lead…

Her Fingers and Toes: A little creativity can go a long way when sex is involved. Here’s a tip: Try sucking on her fingers or toes during foreplay or intercourse. (Granted, unless you’re a contortionist, the toe thing may be a bit rough during intercourse, but you can usually find her fingers.)

They’re a lot more sensitive than you might think and for whatever reason, a relatively large area in the brain receives sensation for them. Lightly kissing or passionately sucking them, especially combined with the sensations you’re causing in her genitals, can be incredibly erotic.

Her Other Soft Spots: Here is where you can be really creative. Try tenderly kissing or caressing the backs of her knees, the insides of her arms, her inner thighs, or her palms. Women love to have these areas gently stroked, kissed, licked, or blown upon (be gentle on these areas, they are made of very soft tissue).

Gentle stimulation is usually more arousing than pressure that’s hard or rough. Catching her off guard can be half the fun. A lot of people don’t realize that having a tongue going up their inner arm is going to be erotic. Again, we must stress that skin is the largest organ; there is lots to explore, so get at it!

The Bottom Line: Communication and reading her body language are key to your success as a lover…


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